Two dreams from the 1938 diary:

March 6th. I’ve been suffering greatly from the noise in my room. Last night my dream recorded this. I found myself standing in front of a map and, simultaneously, standing in the landscape which it depicted. The landscape was terrifyingly dreary and bare; I couldn’t have said whether its desolation was that of a rocky wasteland or that of an empty gray ground populated only by capital letters. These letters writhed and curved on their terrain as if following mountain ranges; the words they formed were approximately equidistant from one another. I knew or learned that I was in the labyrinth of my auditory canal. But the map was, at the same time, a map of hell.

June 28th. I found myself in a labyrinth of stairways. This labyrinth was not covered on all sides. I climbed; other stairways led down into the depths. Arriving at a sort of landing, I saw that I had come to a peak which afforded a far-reaching view of all countries. I spied other people standing on other peaks. One of them was suddenly seized by vertigo and plummeted down. This vertigo spread; other people were now plummeting from other peaks into the depths. Just as I myself was seized by this feeling, I woke up.