A “hyperobject” of your choice
A prop of some kind – something roughly handheld or hand-manipulable, not too bulky

This is going to be a weird one, even by our generous standards. The goal is to see if there’s a way we can use human-scale, human-made objects to encounter, experience, or think about what Morton calls “hyperobjects.” Bring in a prop of some kind, to keep whatever you will be discussing at a human physical scale of interaction. With this object, is there a way you can engage with or better understand something at hyperobject scale? We’ll talk about some examples in class, but consider things like:

Not YouTube or YouTube videos, but all YouTube videos
Not the weather, but global climate change
Not this specific conversation, but the English language, now, as a whole

The goal is to see if/how a specific object can work with a general, abstract object.