Diegetic Prototype Exercise

You will need:
Something to make visual things (one “page”)
An idea for an object
An idea for a future

Create a diegetic prototype, an object which exists within a future context to which its operation is suited. Create the scenography around this object that you can use to explain how it fits into a life, a situation, a society, or some other kind of context with which its design is engaged. (Think of the casual office of ubiquitous computing from Xerox, or the social framework surrounding the interactive surveillance system in Minority Report.) You can use this as an opportunity to suggest how this technology could encourage a future you would like to see, or how it might emerge from an inevitable process. In class, we can discuss how these designs work as advocacy and criticism.

As far as visuals go, be creative: use a PowerPoint or Keynote slide, or make a collage, or draw something out. Make a map or a comic strip — just produce the context within which the object should be discussed. As always: fast, crude, simple, cheap!

One other thing to think about: remember the diegetic part — this makes sense in the “story” of its context, but what can include in the design so people now can understand what it is, and how to get from where we are to where it exists?