A specific location in New York City (with an address we could find on Google Maps)
Pen and paper

The goal for this exercise, as discussed in class, is to think about how made objects exist in context – and how that context is increasingly invisible (electromagnetic, software/data, mediated through devices and interfaces) and shaped by extra-contextual forces, like Google’s various services. We want to stay as grounded as possible in the real city, as it is now. Therefore, I’d like you to choose a particular place in New York City, and outline a brief itinerary through that place that in some way helps us encounter the invisible context.

The location can be a block, a particular space (a building, a park, a plaza), a route from point to point, a subway line … How can occupying or passing through this place, and/or encountering or experiencing something in it, aid us in understanding the invisible context that shapes the city? (Can thinking about things in this way make it so we encounter the city differently, and create different critical objects in consequence?) The only particular requirement is that the itinerary be specific enough that I could actually follow it.