I’m Finn Brunton, an assistant professor in Media, Culture, and Communication at NYU (CV), where I work on the history and theory of computing and digital media technologies. Here is all my writing and the syllabi for my classes

You can reach me at f at this domain. Assume all email is effectively public. If you need to discuss anything confidential with me, email me for a phone number and we’ll communicate over Signal or WhatsApp, or in person


Spam: A Shadow History of the Internet (MIT, 2013)
Obfuscation: A User’s Guide for Privacy and Protest (MIT, 2015) with Helen Nissenbaum
Communication (University of Minnesota, 2018) with Mercedes Bunz
Digital Cash: The Unknown History of the Anarchists, Technologists, and Utopians Who Created Cryptocurrency (Princeton, 2019)


I’ve saved my favorite new-to-me music every year since 2011. You can download each year here; I hope you find something to delight you

Aside from work, I love mountains, oceans, deserts, cold places, the far north, the red-tailed hawks that live in my neighborhood, and lots of other things


38. Futurist Tango
37. Sister Squares Are Reconciled
35. Corner of Prince and Wooster
34. The Human Always (1/3)
33. Mushroom Dogsup
32. The Oblique Function
31. L’Insaisissable
30. Hearsay of the Sun
29. The Overload
28. Surface Tension
27. The Torch
23. Carnaro
22. The Moscow Refrigeration Institute
19. Solar’s Game
18. Found in Saragossa
17. One-Way Ticket
16. Llano del Rio
14. of future nights / countless / stars
13. Il pianeta come festival
11. Every Leaf, Every Flower, Every Fruit, Forever
10. Saint Tree-Eater
9. Chambers in the Fun Palace
8. Dancers at Akasaka Space Capsule Disco
7. Peradam
5. Inflation Saints, 2
2. Inflation Saints